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NoVEL Pathway

The NoVEl pathway

The NoVEL Program provides support to STEM undergraduate students to prepare to pursue internships and careers at National Research Laboratories. You will receive a stipend for your full participation in the program. Priority for acceptance to the opportunity is offered to students who intend to pursue future graduate education in a STEM field.

A primary objective of this program is to encourage diversity in the STEM fields, and to stimulate consideration of careers in National Research Laboratories, especially at Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL).

Please visit the link below for more information on internships at Lawrence Livermore National Lab:

NoVEL Pathway Student Ranking

Junior Scholar Undergraduate Student
Senior Scholar Undergraduate, MS Student
Junior Fellow MS, PhD Student
Senior Fellow PhD Student


Requirements for Participation and Financial Support:
The program requires that students work on NoVEL research, education and professional development-related activities, including a mandatory weekly NSU Friday group meeting, 3-5pm (for NSU students), biweekly meeting with research advisor (for VSU and ECSU students), and a weekly meeting of all institutions' students for educational events throughout the year (on Fridays at 5pm), and submission of an application to LLNL summer internships.
Application Directions:
You must submit this application and obtain one online recommendation. Please see the NOTE section at the bottom of this form for text to copy and paste into an email to send to your recommenders. The text includes an access link for their submissions in your behalf. Please include the recommender's name and email address at the bottom of this form in the section following the suggested text for your email to them.
You can save and continue your application. Make sure you provide your correct school email address.