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NoVEL Mission

NoVEL Consortium for Research and Education in Materials Science and Photonics Engineering

Norfolk State University (NSU), Virginia State University (VSU) and Elizabeth City State University (ECSU), and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

  • Contributes to the fundamental scientific and technical knowledge in the topic areas of Materials Science and Photonic Engineering.
  • Develops the research and education capabilities of the partner universities in research areas relevant to the NSE, LLNL, and NIF.
  • Prepares talented students at the NoVEL universities to excel in STEM by providing them with career-readiness skills, fundamental knowledge, practical experience and training through applicable cutting edge research projects, professional skill building and experiential learning.
  • Expose and excite students from diverse populations to internships and career opportunities at LLNL and other national Laboratories.

Novel goals

  • Increase diversity in STEM through intentional recruiting and education
  • Increased number of students and graduates from NoVEL universities applying to LLNL.
  • Increase number of students and graduates joining LLNL.

Novel program

  • NoVEL Pathway Scholarship and Fellowship
  • Curriculum enhancement
  • Research Training

Use this link to apply to the Fall 2023 NoVEL Program:
NoVEL Aplication Form

Interested in learning more? Contact Dr. Teresa Panurach, Executive Director,