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The English and Foreign Languages Department aims to develop in students an understanding of language development and of the structure and uses of language in their various written and spoken forms. The Department aims to help students in all majors to develop facility in the use of the English language for various purposes and contexts and to respond appreciatively to the beauty, power, and utility of language in varied media.

The Department offers its majors opportunities to concentrate in English, English with a Secondary Endorsement, and Creative Writing.

The Foreign Languages program in the Department seeks to develop students’ fundamental skills in French, Spanish, and other languages, including Arabic, as staff resources permit. It seeks also to generate or broaden student interest in world cultures through language study.


Students majoring in English may apply for the following scholarships:
The Jocelyn Pretlow Goss Scholarship Award

Study Abroad​

English majors, would you like to study in another country while getting your degree in English (or in one of the concentrations) at Norfolk State University?

Students majoring or minoring in English have numerous opportunities to study outside the United States. Students can immerse themselves in a foreign culture while adding diversity to their undergraduate degree. Talk to your foreign language instructor about this great experience.

Also talk with a representative from the Office of International Studies & Service Learning. As an academic division of the Office of the Provost, International Programs is the University's entity responsible for supporting, overseeing, and coordinating Norfolk State's international initiatives.

International Studies & Service Learning works with all interested programs and services at Norfolk State to assist in international outreach, partnerships, exchanges, research, travel, and funding pursuits. It also provides administrative and behavioral guidelines and regulations, screens national and international venues, and develops sites and curricula for students who wish to study abroad.


Dear Graduates:
We are still smiling when we reminisce about the times we spent with you discussing your future career goals as English majors. Now, it all seems like a dream come true; you have graduated and are pursuing your dreams. Perhaps you are attending graduate school, working for a large corporation, making plans to get married, or just starting a family. Whatever your endeavors, just know that we are so proud of you and wish you all the best in life. If you are ever in the area, do stop by to see us or call us at (757) 823-8891 to let us know how you are doing. Also, see us on Facebook or Twitter.



  • Alpha Mu Gamma Foreign Language Honor Society Alpha Mu Gamma has as its primary purpose the honoring of students for outstanding achievement during their first year of foreign language study in college. However, students may be admitted at any stage in their college careers. Upon initiation, a member receives a parchment certificate of membership and may wear the scroll-shaped gold key or pin. 
  • Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society, Xi Nu Chapter The purposes of Sigma Tau Delta are (a) to confer upon candidates distinction for high achievement in English language and literature studies in undergraduate, graduate, and professional work, (b) to promote student interest in literature and the English language on local campuses and their surrounding communities, and (c) to foster the discipline of English in all its aspects, including creative and critical writing.. read more
  • James W. Howell Book Review Society The Department of English and Foreign Languages hosts the James W. Howell Book Club, a student organization that engages NSU students in reading and discussing contemporary or classic fiction and nonfiction in a relaxed collegiate atmosphere.. read more
    Club members meet monthly to discuss an agreed-upon text and to share in the camaraderie generated by dialogue and exchanges among a diverse community of readers. The Club aims to enculturate (among increasing numbers of students) the rich and lasting rewards of reading for pleasure. The Club welcomes all.
  • Creative Writing Club For more information, contact Dr. Gary Wilkens at (757) 823-2956 or
  • English Majors' Club For more information, contact Dr. Annie S. Perkins at (757) 823-2964 or

Research Labs and Centers

COLA Instructional / Comprehensive Language Lab
The COLA Lab is not an open lab, that is, students do not have free use of this lab as they do with some other labs on campus. This lab is intended for classes and coursework related to the students in the College of Liberal Arts. Computers in this lab are not connected to a printer.  Click here to view lab schedule.

Location: 240 (second floor, next to the elevator)
Hours: Lab hours are tentative and may be changed.
        MWF: 8:30-9:30 a.m.; 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.
        Tues./Thurs: 9:00--10:00 a.m.; 11:00 a.m. 12:00 Noon; 2:00–5:00 p.m.
Summer Hours vary. See schedule on door(s).

Additional resources:
109 Madison Hall (Computer Resource Instructional Lab)
242 Madison Hall (ENFL Resource and Media Center)

For more information, contact:
Mr. Damani Drew, M.A., C.O.I., English Lab Instructor, 
at (757) 823-9124,