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Global Learning & International Programs

Norfolk State University

The NSU Office of Global Learning and International Programs (GLIP) is charged with leading and supporting NSU’s comprehensive internationalization efforts. Comprehensive internationalization is the strategic and integrated approach to activities related to global learning and international programs at Norfolk State University. These activities include: 

  • Education abroad and faculty/student exchanges
  • International student and scholar services
  • International student recruitment and enrollment
  • International contracting and technical assistance
  • Area, international and/or foreign language studies
  • Internationally oriented faculty and curriculum development
  • International institutional linkages
  • Internationally oriented community and outreach activities
  • International education research

Why Is This Important?

Strategic Goal Number 1 of Norfolk State University’s 2019-2025 Strategic Plan requires us to “Reimagine the Academic Enterprise to Strengthen Student Success, Teaching Excellence, and Prominence…to ensuring students are challenged by a rigorous liberal arts centered education that fully prepares them for success in the 21st Century Global Economy.” To meet this goal, we must further internationalize the teaching, research and engagement activities of the university.

By providing multiple and varied global learning experiences in these areas NSU will help students achieve 5 global competence skills

  1. The Ability to work effectively in an international setting
  2. Awareness of and adaptability to diverse cultures, perceptions and approaches
  3. Familiarity with the major currents of global change and issues they raise
  4. Ability to communicate effectively across cultural and linguistic boundaries
  5. Ability to comprehend the international dimension of one’s field of study 

The acquisition of these skills will ensure that Norfolk State University graduates are equipped to thrive in the ever increasing globalized world of the 21st Century.   

We look forward to working with all students, faculty, staff, administrators, and university partners to facilitate and support the multiple and varied opportunities for global learning provided by Norfolk State University.

Behold the Green and Gold!

Torian L. Lee, J.D.
Director, Office of Global Learning & International Programs (GLIP)
Nursing & General Education Bldg., Room 226
Phone: (757) 451-7757