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English and Foreign Languages


students in the classroomThe mission of the Department of English and Foreign Languages is to provide high-quality academic preparation for a diverse student population, equipping students with competency in written and oral language skills.

Our main goal is to provide English majors with the discipline-specific knowledge and critical skills that will prepare them to teach English in secondary schools, further their studies in graduate and professional schools, or pursue careers in other fields. 


The Department of English and Foreign Languages offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Students majoring in English, who are interested in teaching, may also pursue the Secondary Education curriculum. The Department also offers courses in French, Spanish, and Public Speaking as part of the general education requirements.

The Department of English and Foreign Languages welcomes students who seek a solid liberal arts education that enhances English language skills, as well as strengthens critical thinking skills and public speaking skills. Additionally, our department promotes cultural enrichment and social responsibility.

English majors participate in a plethora of campus activities, lead student organizations, plan and participate in literary events, engage in service-learning activities, and/or help to publish our creative writing magazine, The Norfolk Review. English majors employ cutting-edge technology in preparing assignments and presentations, conduct research, and communicate online with other students on campus or abroad. The Department offers students opportunities to study abroad while conversing in other languages such as French and Spanish.

In summary, students who major in English become fully engaged in campus and community life. Join us for an exciting career in English and Foreign Languages.

Dr. Michele E. Rozga, Chair
Associate Professor of English
ENFL Department

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