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We see the builder and the healer, the artist and the activist, the scientist and the entrepreneur.
Norfolk State University
Technology Department Programs

The Technology Department commits to preparing students in quality programs for functional careers in architectural drafting technology, construction management engineering technology, computer engineering technology and electronics engineering technology.

Associate of Science: Architectural Drafting

The mission of the Architectural Drafting Program is to provide high quality, comprehensive preparation for students interested in the architectural drafting/design field. The program exposes students to the fundamentals of traditional drafting and design and incorporates computer-aided drafting technology (AutoCAD). Graduates of the program will be prepared to fill many diverse, semi-professional positions in the industry or transfer to a baccalaureate degree program. 

Bachelor of Science: Construction ManagemenT eNGINEERING tECHNOLOGY

The mission of the Construction Management Engineering Technology Program is to provide men and women with current technology, management and applied engineering competencies required for technical and supervisory roles in residential and commercial construction settings. 

Bachelor OF Science: Computer Engineering Technology

The mission of the Computer Engineering Technology Program is to provide students with technical and management oriented competencies related to electronics and Computer hardware/software applications and aspects of industrial management and human relations to cope effectively with industrial problems.

Bachelor OF Science: Electronics Engineering Technology

The mission of the Electronics Engineering Technology Program is to provide men and women with technology, management and applied engineering competences needed for professional positions in scientific, technical, and management applications of instrumentation and communications as applied to the industrial setting.