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Comment Guidelines

Norfolk State University encourages thoughtful discussion, debate, and interaction among social media users. By posting on our social media channels – either by commenting or responding – you agree to our guidelines. User comments are not screened prior to being published and do not necessarily reflect our viewpoints or opinions, and are the sole responsibility of the individual posting them.

We reserve the right to delete comments or posts – without notice – that do not comply with our guidelines, and our social media channels are expressly limited to comments or posts that comply with these guidelines. Comments and published content must be respectful and must stay on topic. This includes recognizing that students, faculty, staff, and the general public come from different backgrounds, beliefs, and viewpoints. We will delete posts that are not relevant to the content of our pages or to Norfolk State University. It’s okay to voice an opinion, complaint, or disagreement with someone, but we ask that you do so in a constructive and respectful manner. Obscenities, profanities, personal attacks, threatening, harassing, discriminatory, trolling, hate speech, inappropriate or abusive content, and defamatory comments about any person, group, organization or belief are not permitted and will be deleted. Also, indecent, sexually explicit or pornographic materials are prohibited and will be deleted. Posts that include personal, identifying or confidential information are not permitted and will be deleted. NSU will not allow commercial solicitation or promotion of products and will delete them from the account as necessary. Read "Administrative Policy #50-08 (2020) - Social Media" at for more detail.