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Spartan Innovation Academy

Norfolk State provides Apple products for all students

NSU President Dr. Javaune Adams-Gaston announced that every incoming and returning student will be provided an iPad Pro with ultra-fast 5G speeds to access their studies on and off campus, as well as Apple Pencil, Apple Smart Keyboard Folio, and AirPods Pro with active noise cancellation, enabling students to access all aspects of the NSU academic enterprise and digitally engage with faculty, peers, administrators, and NSU learning platforms from any location.

apple ipad photoNSU, the largest Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in the Commonwealth, will distribute more than 6,000 Apple products to students, faculty and select staff members during the Fall 2021 semester. NSU will be the first HBCU to facilitate a campus-wide deployment of these Apple products to all students and faculty in a first-year program such as this one. Students will be able to keep the devices throughout their enrollment at the university. And, upon graduation, students can purchase the device for a nominal fee of $1. The devices will be provided to faculty and staff at no cost. The Spartan Innovation Academy is a special initiative designed to give Norfolk State students constant and seamless access to scholastic activities, professional development opportunities, and retention efforts using Apple’s cutting-edge product line. As a result of this program, students and faculty will benefit from enhanced digital connection to the university’s technology infrastructure with twenty-four hour, seven days a week access to course materials.

“The Spartan Innovation Academy program is all about giving students the tools they need to be successful in and outside of the classroom,” said Norfolk State University President Javaune Adams-Gaston. “The University is committed to access and affordability for all students. We know that providing students access to powerful tools will help ensure a successful academic career while reducing the cost of obtaining a degree.”

“Moreover, we know that the creativity of our students is endless. I am excited about the possibilities for coding and app development, with the help of our amazing faculty, that will be beneficial for the entire Spartan community.” Adams-Gaston also said the devices will give students the opportunity to unleash their creativity, download digital textbooks and cut down on overall back-to-school expenses.

With this expanded use of Apple technology to enhance their matriculation and study in all academic disciplines at the university, the Spartan Innovation Academy is ensuring that NSU students are “First Day” ready upon graduation with both the academic theory and technological aptitude needed for professional success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I receiving an iPad from Norfolk State University?
You are receiving an iPad as part of Norfolk State University’s Spartan Innovation Academy program. The Spartan Innovation Academy program was successfully piloted with first-year students over the 2019-20 academic year, and is being opened up to all traditional undergraduates and select graduate programs.

What do I receive with my iPad?
For the applicable academic years, incoming freshmen* will be provided with complimentary technology, including an iPad Pro 11", Apple Smart Keyboard Folio, Apple Pencil, and a suite of productivity and creativity apps such as Keynote, Pages, Numbers, and more. They will also receive focused training from Apple Professional Learning covering the Apple products, apps, and coding.

Is the iPad mine to keep?
This iPad is technically the property of Norfolk State University until you graduate. Once you graduate, the device is yours to keep! If you transfer out of Norfolk State, you are required to return it to the university.

What can I put on the iPad?
The device is yours to customize and use for classes, FaceTime, or even Netflix. You are encouraged to use the technology for both school work and your personal life.

Am I Being Monitored By The University?
No, you are not being monitored on your iPad. This is a “managed” device, which really just means that Norfolk State can push updates and apps to the devices for your benefit.

What If I Need Help?
Along with initial training on how to integrate the iPad in your classroom experience, if you ever need technical assistance, our IT staff is available to answer your questions.

I Am Transferring To Norfolk State University. Do I Receive An iPad?
If you’re a full-time, traditional undergraduate transfer, you’ll receive an iPad after September of applicable academic years. 

Am I being billed for this iPad?
No, you are not being billed for the iPad. It is part of your Norfolk State University education and is being provided free to our students. 

Can I sell it
Not now; you’re going to need it for your Spartan Innovation Academy classes. However, you can sell it after you graduate, when it becomes your device.

Will the iPad have a data plan?
There is no data plan included. The devices are Wi-Fi enabled. Online students must have access to a wireless Internet connection from their home or other location or purchase their own data plan.

I don’t know how to use an iPad. Is there training available?
Norfolk State University will provide video tutorials. In addition, Apple has several resources available at on their support website

Can I use my iPad that I already own?
Yes, you can use your own iPad, provided it has 32GBs of storage capacity and is installed with both the latest version of iOS. 

Do these iPads have accessibility tools?
NSU’s Disability Resource Center – O.A.S.I.S is available to help you through available options. You can set up an appointment by calling (757) 823-8325.