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Division Vice Presidents

Dr. Justin MosesDr. Justin L. Moses
Vice President for Operations and Chief Strategist for Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. DoVeanna FultonDr. DoVeanna Fulton 
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Gerald-Hunter.pngGerald E. Hunter
Vice President
Finance & Administration

Clifford Porter, J.D.Clifford Porter, J.D.
Vice President
University Advancement

Dr. Leonard BrownDr. Leonard Brown 
Vice President
Student Affairs

Executive Management

Melody Webb Melody Webb
Athletics Director
NSU Athletics

Ericke-S-Cage.png Ericke S. Cage
Executive Advisor to the President and Board of Visitors for Policy, Compliance, and University Ombudsman


Tanya WhiteTanya S. White
Special Assistant to the President

Pamela-Boston.pngPamela F. Boston, Esq.
University Counsel

Harry-Aristakesian.pngHarry Aristakesian
Chief Audit Executive
Internal Audit