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Frequently asked questions 


What is the Common Reader Program at Norfolk State University? 

The Common Reading Program at Norfolk State University is a campus-wide, freshmen centered reading initiative. This program is a subcomponent to our QEP plan, close reading for effective writing (CREW).  The program allows students, faculty, and staff to share in a “common” intellectual and co-curricular experiences, facilitated by various units at the institution. The intention of the common read program  

Anyone! Faculty and staff are encouraged to utilize the reader in your classes and offices, especially if you work with freshmen. 

First year students will receive a copy of the book during AGOGE week.  Other students, faculty, and staff wishing to obtain a copy can email for a copy of the book. Copies are limited and will be distributed on a first come first served basis.  

E-copies are reserved for online students, faculty, and staff.