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History & Interdisciplinary Studies

Department of Chemistry

Dr. Khadijah O. Miller, Department Chair
Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Phone: (757) 823-2864

We Miss You!

The faculty and staff of the department sends their warm wishes and congratulations to the class of 2020 and to all our students, colleagues and friends, we miss you!


Communication Reminders

Your NSU email account ( is the only email account that you should use to communicate with your advisor, course professors, and any university offices, services, staff members, or administrators. It is important for you to check your NSU email account and your classes’ Blackboard sites frequently. At a minimum, please check these at least once a day.  Campus email and announcements will update you on adjustments to any university activities.

Email is the best way to contact your advisor and professors. Therefore, here are the email addresses to the advisors, faculty, and staff in the Department of History and Interdisciplinary Studies:


The History and Interdisciplinary Studies Department’s main phone number is 757-823- 8198. If there is no answer, please leave a message. Ms. Bennett checks the voicemail for this number regularly during weekdays.

Dr. Miller’s office phone number is 757-823-2864. 

Dr. Modlin's phone number is 757-823-9457. During the week, I will check my voicemail for this number once during the middle of the day.

All faculty members are keeping regular virtual or telephone office hours. If you are unaware of a professor’s office hours, please email them. Faculty will not be able to meet with you in person, and the university locked all campus building for safety.


Education Support Services

The university continues to operate. Key services such as the Writing Center, the Dr. Patricia L. Stith Student Success Center, and the Lyman Beecher Brooks Library are available online through NSU’s website. The following links will take you to the contact information for certain support services:


The PLSSSC offers online tutoring for over 100 courses and can help with additional assistance for other courses, if you email For your convenience, I have attached four flyers to this email with more information about some of the services offered by the PLSSSC.

If you need help with accessing these services or others, please ask your advisor, one of your class instructors, or me. 


Technical Support

If you have technical support issues here are some important contact for help:

Be cautious when clicking on links in email or when replying to email from sources you do not recognize. Our university community is regularly a target by those with malicious intent. This could occur more often now, which is at the same time the Office of Information Technology (OIT) is dealing with an increased workload supporting students and university employees who are off campus. In addition, OIT currently has a smaller staff because of the loss of student workers for the remainder of the semester.


Internet Access

If you are in the Hampton Roads area or can briefly come to campus, the Dean of Students has equipment that you may borrow (check out). For more information, please contact at or 757-823-2152.

If you are not in the Hampton Roads area, please contact your cell phone carrier and complete a questionnaire for temporary assistance and free support. Many cell phone and cable companies have adjusted their service offerings and policies to help keep people connected to the Internet. For some information on this, please see this article. Information that is more specific should be available through your cell phone provider.


Significant Semester Calendar Changes

  • Spring Break was extended through March 22, 2020.
  • 10th week advisory grades will be submitted to the university by the end of Tuesday, April 7, 2020.
  • The last day to drop spring 2020 semester-long, mini-term B and mini-term C classes is Friday, April 10th.


Due to the extension of Spring Break through March 22, 2020, your professors should have already adjusted their class semester calendars for your classes, especially for those assignments due during the week of March 16-22, 2020. Class instructors should communicate these changes to you, if they have not done so already.

If there are additional changes to the spring 2020 semester calendar, you will receive updates on that through your NSU email.


Registration for Summer and Fall 2020 Semesters

Pre-registration is occurring now. If you have not registered for your summer and fall semester classes, you should contact your advisor to schedule an appointment now. It is important for you to register during this early registration period because some classes fill up quickly. Pre-registration will end in June and not resume again until the week before classes in August.


Summer Classes

A limited number of courses are available during the summer semester. Many of these classes will be taught online. Courses currently scheduled for on campus meetings in the summer might change to remote/online teaching. If this occurs, the University will inform us of this.

Welcome to the Department of History and Interdisciplinary Studies where our majors earn the Bachelor of Arts in History and the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. The department offers courses in Geography, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Religion along special topics courses including: The Black Woman, Black Lives Matter, and more. The department boasts 10 of the finest highly qualified faculty members in Geography, History and Interdisciplinary Studies. Our faculty hold expertise specifically in Latin American, African American, African, Women’s, American, European and Caribbean History as well as cultural studies, religious studies, African American and Women’s Studies.

Our offices are located in the Brown Memorial Hall Replacement Building, Suite H211 (facing Corprew Avenue). Contact us at or (757) 823-8198.


The department is a supporting member of the Association of Interdisciplinary Studies and the American Historical Association Tuning Project.

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