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Student Success Programs


Welcome to the Student Success Programs unit of The Office of Academic Engagement. 

Updates for FALL 2023 Semester
Student Success will continue to support all academic tutoring and mentoring services for the remainder of the semester via WCOnline. Please see the below word document explaining how to use our video consultation features, "Online Appointment," via WCOnline.

Mission Statement

We promote student learning and degree completion by providing academic support services and programs that inform, empower and facilitate student success.

Student Success Programs Goals

Student Success Programs strives to be:

  • Learner Centered: To increase student engagement in the learning process and foster academic improvement and greater understanding in tutored courses
  • Integrity Based: To ensure the delivery of services that uphold high academic standards
  • Service Oriented: To serve diverse student populations, reducing barriers for student success by responding to their unique learning needs, and maintain effective partnerships with the campus community
  • Supportive: To provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment that supports instruction and supplements student learning
  • Responsive: Evaluate and monitor students’ academic progress throughout the semester and promote improvements 
  • Efficient: To use technology and feedback loops to better serve students and student leaders and use resources efficiently
  • Transparent: Maintain clear and up-to-date policies and procedures


Expected Student Learning Outcomes

  • Application: Tutees will demonstrate an increased understanding of course and workshop content. Mentees will demonstrate an increased understanding of specific skills and strategies that are likely to contribute to their success.
  • Critical Thinking: Students will demonstrate the ability to solve problems independently using the information reinforced during tutoring and mentoring.
  • Diversity: Students will demonstrate awareness of the cognitive and interpersonal skills necessary to perform successfully in different settings and with diverse groups of people.


Our Why: Purpose, Performance, and Perseverance 

The Office of Academic Engagement presents its first Student Retention Symposium. This conference will provide students with an opportunity to connect with leaders from various backgrounds on topics such as leadership, engagement, self-advocacy, overcoming adversity, and discovering your passion.  The Keynote Speaker is Jarrod Benjamin, CEO and Co-Founder of The L. E.A.D. Firm.