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Dr. E. Arnold Modlin

Dr. E. Arnold Modlin
Department Chair and Associate Professor of Geography
Office: Brown 211.14
Phone: (757) 823-9457


Expertise: Geography, with foci on identity, memory, social justice and tourism
Interests: The concept of place and its use group identity formation and exclusion, racism tourism. Additionally, interested in the use of emotion and senses in how we understand and relate to the past in historic places.
Classes:  Principles of Geography, Geography of Slavery, Disability Geographies

Bio: Dr. Modlin (Louisiana State University) is an Associate Professor of Geography.  He is a cultural and historical geographer who researches the connections of memory, emotions and senses in making and reinforcing racial identities at museums and historic places in the U.S. South and the Caribbean. While seeing race as a social construct, Dr. Modlin sees racism as a reality with sharp teeth.  He is currently focusing his scholarly and activist efforts on dissecting and challenging the ways in which racism is recreated and reinforced despite seeming advances in civil and personal rights.

Curriculum Vitae