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Code of Conduct

The Norfolk State University Career Services is proud to offer services to all Norfolk State University students and alumni. Students using our services are expected to maintain professional standards of conduct in the job search at all times because these interactions reflect upon the reputation of the Career Services, Norfolk State University and other students and graduates.

Privacy Policy

Students authorize the release of credentials, photographs, quotes, forms, transcripts and other verifications/documentation required by the employer and/or the Norfolk State University Career Services to gain or maintain a position or to publicize the program. Students are responsible for providing accurate information; adhering to schedules; accepting an offer of employment in good faith; notifying employers on a timely basis of an acceptance or non-acceptance and withdrawing from the recruiting process after accepting an offer of employment; interviewing only with employers for whom they are interested in working and whose eligibility requirements they meet; and requesting reimbursement of only reasonable and legitimate expenses incurred in the recruitment process. By publishing resumes or applying for jobs, students and alumni are authorizing the release of application documents to employers for job opportunities.

Terms of Use

All resources on this site are available to Norfolk State University students and alumni. Information sessions, information tables, and on-campus recruitment services such as posting of jobs, interview scheduling, and use of interview rooms, are available to employers and students or alumni who are interviewing for jobs. *Terms and conditions may apply.

Job Posting

We reserve the right to screen all job listings. We serve equal opportunity employers only.