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With expert and proficient Counselors, the Office of Financial Aid plays a pivotal role in students successful financial planning.  Contact us or stop by our office if you have questions or need assistance. 


Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
Every first Thursday: 8 a.m.–6 p.m.

Contact Information

Office of Financial Aid
Norfolk State University
700 Park Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23504


Location on Campus

Student Services Center, Suite 211
Financial Aid Telephone - (757) 823-8381
Financial Aid Toll Free - 1-800-365-5517
Financial Aid Fax - (757) 823-9059

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Melissa J. Barnes     

   Dr. Melissa J. Barnes, Ed.D.  – Director of Financial Aid




Brandon J. Gilchrist

    Carla L. Dailey - Associate Director of Compliance




Brandon J. Gilchrist


    Brandon J. Gilchrist – Assistant Director of Systems & Processing
    (System Administrator)



Keshia Woodous

   Keshia Woodous – Assistant Director of Client Services & Scholarships




Juanita Riddick

   Juanita Riddick – Administrative Assistant to the Director



Shakehma Bonney  
   Shakehma Bonney – Work Study Coordinator



Donna Coston

   Donna Coston – Phone Center Operator




Wantonia Gee  

   Wantonia Gee – Financial Aid Counselor




Patrice Johnson

   Patrice Johnson – Student Loan Coordinator (Federal)


Karen Jones  

   Karen Jones – Financial Aid Processor




Patricia Morgan  

  Patricia Morgan – Financial Aid Processor




Tiwanna Robinson


   Tiwanna Robinson - Financial Aid Counselor




Connie Sivels  

   Connie Sivels – Pell Grant Coordinator




Kesha Wilson


   Kesha Wilson – Financial Aid Counselor