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Dr. Debb

Dr. Scott DebbScott Debb, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
Office: Brown Hall, Room 216.11
Phone: 757-823-8943

Expertise: ​Cyber Psychology, Counseling (Licensed Professional Counselor); Conflict analysis; Clinical-mental health; Cross-cultural assessment

Interests: Cyberpsychology; Conflict; Resilience; Quality of life; Multiculturalism

Courses: Intro to Psych; Conflict Studies, CyberPsychology, Multicultural; Practicum; Clinical research mentorship

Additional Information: APA Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (2019; $20,000; Research Personnel); Knowledge-elicitation protocols for scenario development: uncovering the ethical and human elements of decision-making in cyberspace ($38,000; co-PI); Center of Excellence in Cybersecurity (2016-2021; $5,000,000; Key Personnel); Director of the CyberPsychology Research Lab

Curriculum Vitae