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Director Job Description

QEP Director Position Description

Under the governance of the Office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Director leads and provides oversight of the Plan among faculty, staff, and students to facilitate the integration of transformative learning at Norfolk State University (NSU). The Director also manages documentation and reporting requirements and ensures alignment with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) standards.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure QEP alignment with SACSCOC standards.
  • Work with faculty, administration, staff, and students to guarantee the successful submission and implementation of the Norfolk State University QEP.
  • Foster a collaborative environment for the QEP Development Team to design new policies, procedures, curricula, facilities, job descriptions, and professional development opportunities necessary to achieve the QEP goals.
  • Work with the appropriate University staff members to maintain and update the QEP website.
  • Work closely with the Office for Enrollment Management, the Patricia Stith Success Center, deans, department chairs, and faculty to provide input/recommendations for transformative activities and course sections to meet enrollment demand and QEP goals.
  • Promote participation in the QEP throughout the University and to the community
  • Work with the Project Director to coordinate and lead the activities of the QEP Development and Implementation Committees.
  • Work closely with the Director of Assessment to develop and manage the QEP assessment.
  • Continually evaluate and approve proposed High Impact Practices (HIPs) to determine if they meet the criteria to be incorporated into the QEP.
  • Coordinate the training for faculty and staff to develop high quality HIPs as a part of the QEP.
  • Perform outreach and marketing to students to encourage participation to meet the QEP goals.
  • Assist faculty in creating and coordinating the evaluation rubrics for reflections submitted by students as a part of the QEP.
  • Partner with the Director of Assessment to collect and analyze the results of the QEP program and implement improvements as necessary to increase effectiveness.
  • Manage the QEP budget in compliance with all NSU policies, procedures, and procedures.
  • Provide oversight and updates to the campus community regarding the QEP progress.
  • Teach at least one course, preferably in the general education core, each academic semester.

Required Qualifications

  • An earned doctorate or terminal degree (or its foreign equivalent) from an accredited university in a discipline taught at NSU.
  • Demonstrated knowledge, interest, and competence in student development theory, student engagement, and student success--all of which may be manifested through academic credentials, research activities, scholarly engagement, or artistic work.
  • Broad knowledge of trends in higher education across the United States and abroad.
  • Excellent verbal, listening, writing, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate and partner in an environment that honors shared governance.
  • Ability to collaborate with deans, department chairs and faculty.

The QEP Director will report directly to the Vice Provost. Each July, the Provost will appoint a QEP Implementation Committee, consisting of the QEP Director, the Vice Provost, and, at least, one tenured, full-time faculty member nominated by each dean of the five Colleges and Schools, together with administrators and staff from relevant areas across campus, including Institutional Research and Assessment.  Student leaders will also be on that Committee. The Implementation Committee will advise and support the QEP Director and oversee the implementation of the QEP.