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Online Programs

Why NSU Online?

  • Learn anywhere, anytime during your peak-learning time
  • Fast track your career
  • Connect via the Internet with your professor and with other students enrolled in your classes and/or programs
  • Achieve your goals with an affordable high-quality education
  • Get immediate results and feedback regarding your course status
  • 24/7 access to your online classroom allows you to complete course work in a timely manner


  • M.S. in Cybersecurity

    The M.S. in Cybersecurity is designed to focus on computer security and to increase the pool of well-educated security professionals. Theory and practical training will be combined with critical thinking and communication skills that are required by professionals in the cybersecurity field. Students will be prepared to apply their knowledge to defend against cyber threats directed toward the USA. In addition, students will be prepared to provide needed cybersecurity services to US agencies and organizations. - Learn more

    Ms. Tonya Fields
    Phone: (757) 823-0057

  • M.A. Pre-Elementary Education

    The M.A. in Pre-Elementary Program is designed primarily for teachers with certification in Pre-Kindergarten through Fourth Grade. It is an interdisciplinary program, which focuses on Assessment and Intervention for High Risk Children and Family Involvement in Programs for Young Children. - Learn more

    Dr. Jacqueline Johnson
    Phone: (757) 823-8841/2700

  • M.A. Pre-Elementary Special Education

    Master of Arts in Pre-Elementary Education with Licensure in Special Education Early-Childhood Birth-Age 5

    The M.A. in Pre-Elementary Education with Licensure in Special Education Early Childhood (birth-age 5) is designed for teachers with certification in Special Education K-12 or Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade who are seeking additional licensure in Special Education Early Childhood.  - Learn more

    Dr. Angela McIntosh
    Phone: (757) 823-8841/8705

  • M.A. in Teaching Elementary Education

    The Master of Arts in Teaching Elementary Education PreK-6 program is available to individuals who have a baccalaureate degree in the arts and sciences (or equivalent) and who wish to receive a teaching license in Elementary Education. See "General Education Licensure Requirements" for more information. Students are allowed to enroll in 9 hours before submitting passing scores on PRAXIS Core Skills for Educators or equivalent. Students must pass the PRAXIS II, RVE, and VCLA to be approved for student teaching.  Learn more

    Dr. Kianga Thomas
    (757) 823-8841/9583

  • M.A. in Urban Education

    Master of Arts in Urban Education/ Administration and Supervision PreK-12 (Principal Preparation Program)

    Master of Arts in Urban Education/ Administration and Supervision PreK-12 (Principal Preparation Program) is available to individuals who have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and three years of experience as a certified teacher prior to admission (provisional licensure is not accepted.). Learn more

    Dr. Norma Brumage
    Phone: (757) 823-2926

  • MHA Health Care Administration

    The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) Online seeks to prepare students to function as leaders in the delivery of health care services.  The curriculum is competency-based and grouped in five domains: communication and relationship management, leadership, professionalism, knowledge of the health care environment, and business skills and knowledge.  The program will be delivered fully online to provide flexibility for professionals who are balancing personal and work responsibilities with academia.  The curriculum consists of 36 credits. - Learn more

    Dr. Marie St. Rose, MHA Program Coordinator
    Phone: (757) 823-2480


  • B.A. in History

    The B.A. in History at Norfolk State University prepares you for careers in a variety of fields or prepares you to pursue graduate education in History, Museum Studies, Education and Law.  Students who major in history are desirable to employers for their ability to write, reason, research and convey information.

    Dr. Stephanie Richmond
    Phone: (757) 823- 8198/9073

  • B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies

    The B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies provides you with a flexible degree specifically oriented to your career goals. The programs allows you to accomplish a range of goals, including incorporating a variety of fields of interest into a college degree, transferring diverse credits via military or previous college attendance, or completing a degree for employment that requires new skills in the workplace.

    Dr. Khadijah Miller
    Phone: (757) 823-8198

  • B.A. Psychology

    The BA in Psychology online degree equips you with skills in critical thinking, quantitative and qualitative research, and the ability to interact effectively with diverse populations. The program prepares you to render service initially as paraprofessionals or behavioral scientists and eventually as professional psychologists and with a thorough behavioral science background for persons whose expertise can be utilized in related human service fields of employment.  

    Dr. Andrew Franklin
    Phone: (757) 823-2241


  • B.S. in Business - Information Management

    The Bachelor of Science in Business with a Concentration in Information Management equips you with the prerequisite skills for understanding of how technology fits within a company or organization and with practical applications of information systems in the workplace.

    Dr. Moncef Belhadjali
    Phone: (757) 823-8996

  • B.S. Tourism and Hospitality Mgmt

    Bachelor of Science degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management prepares one to begin in junior management positions such as management trainees, assistant managers or supervisors. There are many opportunities for advancement to multi-unit management or corporate staffs in major companies.

    Mr. Lawrence Epplein
    Phone: (757) 823-8284
    Email: leepplein@nsu.ed


  • B.S. Health Services Management

    Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management offers a program organized around a core of lower level general education courses; a core of business management courses taken in the intermediate years; and further generic orientation to the unique managerial processes in the health services industry in the form of an internship and on-the-job experiential learning in the last year.  

    Dr. Marie St. Rose
    Phone: (757) 823-8389/2480

  • Upper Level Baccalaureate Program RN-BSN

    The BSN degree in Nursing is designed to expand the professional careers of nurses. The program is designed to expand your knowledge and skills beyond the clinical aspects of nursing by exposing you to a broad range of nursing and general education courses.  

    Ms. Desma Lans
    Phone: (757) 823-2205

  • Certificate in Health Services Management

    The Certificate in Health Services Management is designed for health care professionals who are seeking to improve their management, administrative, and leadership skills. The target audience for the Certificate Program are persons already in the health care field with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree; persons currently in a management position in the health care field or on a career path in the direction of health care management, or persons interested in gaining knowledge of careers in the health care field.

    Dr. Marie St. Rose
    Phone: (757) 823-8389/2480