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About Us

The main research objective of the COE-CS is to develop a cloud-based, big-data analysis capable Cyber Analysis, Simulation and Experimentation Environment (CASE-V) to enhance situational awareness and decision support capabilities for cyber defense and cyber training. To accomplish this objective, the Center will focus on the following research areas:

  • Develop analysis, detection and response capabilities to counter future advanced persistent threats leveraging big data analytics, modeling and simulation, and cloud computing.
  • Design and develop a Live-Virtual-Constructive CASE-V testbed to conduct cyber planning and training activities using in-device emulators and multi-agent simulations.
  • Develop integration mechanisms to enable CASE-V to interoperate with existing semi-automated forces to enhance the effectiveness of cyber defense and training operations.
  • Use CASE-V as a synthetic environment to explore new cyber theories, methodologies and techniques in a distributed and virtualized infrastructure at large scale.

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