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Cybersecurity Labs


We have created a collaborative effort with Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC) - Old Dominion University (ODU) to establish and operate a Center of Excellence in Cyber Security (COE-CS) with an emphasis in Cyber Modeling, Simulation, Analysis, and Experimentation (CMSA&E). Cyber modeling and simulation (M&S) offers great benefits in predicting, preparing for, and defending against cyber threats by facilitating the training and assessment of cyber technologies and operations that would be impossible or very difficult to conduct in a real life setting.

Cyber attacks have become more sophisticated than ever and often include attack steps to evade detection by traditional security mechanisms. It has been reported by Pentagon that their computer systems and networks have been the subject of over 10 million attacks per day. Modern large-scale cyber attacks are sometimes organized and coordinated through social media which is another example of the changing landscape in cyber security that requires an expanded view of what is happening not only locally but also globally.

There is a critical need to enhance the cyber systems to protect and defend against these attacks. Cyber security analytics is one of the emerging technologies designed to help defend against these attacks by combining big data analytics and security technologies. CMSA&E is the next evolutionary step in order to enhance situational awareness and provide better support for rapid decision making.