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NSU Safe

Norfolk State University - NSU Safe

Norfolk State University - NSU Safe


Norfolk State University's Police Department is committed to the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. As an additional resource to promote safety in our campus community, NSUPD has deployed NSU Safe, the University's custom mobile safety app.  NSU Safe is availalbe for download on both the Apple Store and Google Play.  The app is packed with features to enhance awareness and provide real-time safety resources right at your fingertips.  Such features include mobile blue light, friend walk, chat with NSUPD and more.  In addition to the safety features native to NSU Safe, the app also integrates with NSU Alerts, the University's emergency notification platform as an additional means to receive important incident and emergency information.  For more details on the features of NSU Safe, please see the video and sections below.

Norfolk State University - NSU Safe

NSU Safe is a mobile application with these available selections:

  • Emergency Contacts
    Points of contact to be used in emergency and non-emergency situations. This screen has a Call 911 and Call Campus Police buttons in addition to an option to call campus police non-emergency number. 
  • Mobile Bluelight
    Call and Location Share - Tap the button to simultaneously send your location to and call Campus Police. They will receive your location in real-time and talk to you on the phone.  This function will send your device's location services capabilities to Campus Security/Police and initiate a call to Dispatch.
  • Friend Walk
    Send your location in real-time to a friend so they can watch you as you walk to your destination. They'll watch you and can trigger a call to emerency services if necessary.​​
  • Report a Tip
    Use the buttons in this feature to report a tip.  You can also report tips anonymously with this feature. You can write a report using the in-app forms, or you can call in a tip to Campus Police.
  • Safety Toolbox
    A set of tools used to assist in enhacing your security. Buttons for:
  • Chat with Campus Police
    Connects you with the Campus Police via a discreet chat interface.
  • I'm OK!
    NSU Safe's "I'm OK feather" sends your location and a message indicating that "You're OK" to a receiptant of your choosing.  Use this button in an emergency situation to notify your friends and family that you're "OK"!.  The selection button for this is:  "Send "I'm OK" Message.
  • Notification History
  • Share this app
  • Campus Map
    A copy of the Norfolk State University campus map.
  • Student Resources
    Tap to access some of the most common student resources available to help students enjoy a successful experience.  Currently these selections are: Student Success Center, Title IX Office, Spartan Health Center and Counseling Center.


NSU Safe screenshot of mobile application