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NSU Alerts

NSU Alerts

Norfolk State University uses the RAVE Mobile Safety platform to provide emergency notifications and essential information to the campus community. This system is capable of delivering messages to NSU faculty, staff and students email addresses, land lines and cell phones. These messages include campus emergencies as well as campus and inclement weather closures as they pertain to the entire campus community.

Alerts will be sent by either Communications & Marketing or Norfolk State University Police Department, depending on the nature of the situation.  NSU alerts is a free service and will not charge you a subscriber's fee from NSU. Standard text message and phone rates from your phone provider will apply.

How it Works

NSU Alerts allows you to list up to eight (8) contact methonds, (3) mobile phone numbers, (3) voice only line contacts and (2) additional email addresses. During an urgent situation, the NSU Alerts system will begin cycling through your points of contact to deliver the alert, starting with the first available. 

Signing Up

As a measure to best reach the NSU community during incidents and emergencies, all Faculty, Staff and students are automatically registered with their NSU emails in the NSU Alerts system**. However, faculty, staff and students are encouraged to manage their accounts and provide additional points of contacts outside of their NSU emails. (i.e. mobile phone, voice only land-line number, and personal emails).

Faculty, staff and students can add/update their points of contacts via the NSU Alerts portal. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the NSU Alerts portal with your NSU username and password.
  2. Add/confirm your points of contact (mobile phone, voice only line contact, email **any email other than your NSU email**)

**Please Note: In rare circumstances, after attempting to log in, some users may be presented with a registration screen to create their account. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Enter first name, last name, NSU email, and mobile number as per the fields on the screen.
  2. Confirm  your NSU email via the link emailed to you from the RAVE Mobile Safety.
  3. Confirm your mobile number via the texted code from RAVE Mobile Safety.
  4. Add/Confirm your additional points of contact.

Unsubscribe from NSU Alerts**

**Note: Currently employed faculty/staff and enrolled students are "subscribed" with their NSU emails by default and will continue to receive NSU alert emails until your NSU email account is deactivated (i.e., when you officially leave the University). However, if faculty, staff or students wish to unsubscribe the additional points of contact they provided, users can do so by following the steps below:

  1. Login to the NSU Alerts portal with your NSU username and password.
  2. Remove your additional points of contact (i.e., mobile phone, voice only line, and personal emails) *as noted above you are not able to remove your NSU provided email from the system.



How will i know it's a NSU Alert?

  • Emailed NSU Alerts will come from the email address:
  • Texted NSU Alerts will come from short code(s): 77295, 226787, 67283, &78015.
  • Phone call NSU Alerts will come from 757.823.8600

Who can receive NSU Alerts?

Current students, faculty and staff with an active NSU email address have their NSU email address automatically registered to receive NSU Alerts. Additional email addresses and phone numbers can be added following the instructions above in the "Signing Up" section.

I am a family member of a current Norfolk State Spartan, how can I receive NSU Alerts?

Your student can list up to (8) additional points of contacts.  As such, your student can easily add your cell phone number(s) or email(s) as one of their additional points of contact.  Additionally, you can download the University's mobile safety app NSU Safe to receive alerts via push notifications.

Will my points of contact be kept confidential?

Yes. Contacts entered into the NSU Alerts system are only used for emergencies and tests, they are never shared or sold.

Why should I add additional points of contact to receive alerts?

Emergencies can occur with little to no warning. When seconds matter, receiving NSU Alerts is often the fastes way to receive potentially life-saving notifications.

Can I opt-out of receiving alerts via my email address?

Yo can opt-in or out of receiving alerts via any additional point of contact you add, but cant opt-out of receiving alerts via your official NSU email account. This is the University's way to ensure that all members of our community can receive timely warnings in emergencies.



If you are not able to login to the NSU Alerts Portal or need technical assistance, please contact Client Services at 757.823.8678 or via email at where a ticket will be generated to assist you.