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NSU Wireless

Wireless connectivity is provided to faculty, staff, students, and guests of the University to access network resources and the Internet. All faculty, staff, and students with a network account can use NSUWIRELESS or SPARTAN-GAMES. SPARTAN-GUEST is limited to guests and includes no security. It is also limited in speed.


NSUWIRELESS is available in most buildings and is the preferred method for wireless access. Students, faculty and staff who have NSU accounts will be able to access NSUWIRELESS using the same username and password used to access MyNSU. 

NSUWIRELESS utilizes the wireless protocol WPA2 Enterprise. To setup a connection, here are some configuration guides and videos:



Most tablets (iPad, Nexus, Surface), smartphones (iPhone, Galaxy, Android based phones), MacBooks and laptops are capable of using WPA2 Enterprise on NSUWIRELESS. Check the individual manufacturer for specific details.

SPartan games

For wireless enabled gaming consoles, televisions, and other IoT devices, use the wireless SSID SPARTAN-GAMES. To do so, follow the directions located at

Not Supported

Wireless printers and WiFi based remote controls, such as Chromecast are not supported on any of the SSIDs NSU employs. Device to device communication is currently not enabled.