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The Mission of the Division of Music is to cultivate artistic expression, promote universal understanding through music, foster musical enlightenment to the campus and community at-large, advance scholarship, and provide high-quality instruction in music education and music media that empowers a diverse student body to achieve maximum competence as music professionals in a global society.


The primary goals of the Division of Music are to:


  • Provide a comprehensive education and understanding in music that assures competency in all areas of the field of study;
  • Encourage the highest level of creative and artistic expression in traditional and non-traditional musical idioms;
  • Promote musical scholarship and activities that enlighten the academic and broader communities;
  • Foster personal and intellectual growth among students;
  • Contribute to the cultural life of NSU, the community, city, state, nation, and global community;
  • Further the understanding and appreciation of the music and culture of African Americans; and
  • Work collaboratively with other institutions, organizations, populations to enhance partnerships, diversity, outreach, and global understanding.


The following objectives will be used to attain the goals:

  • Increase student engagement in courses that develop high levels of competency and musicianship, as defined by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM);
  • Offer students opportunities to demonstrate their artistic and creative abilities in a variety of performance settings, including academic, professional, national, and international venues;
  • Require students to attend departmental, university-wide, and regional concerts;
  • Increase opportunities for scholarly and intellectual pursuits among music students and faculty;
  • Encourage student participation in service learning, international studies, and activities that enhance diversity, human growth, civic engagement, and life skills;
  • Expand access to courses about the music of African Americans and world music;


The Division of Music faculty consists of full and part-time faculty who are specialists in vocal, keyboard, and instrumental areas of study.


The Hamm Fine Arts Building home to the Division of Music, and Division of Fine Arts. It provides facilities for class and studio instruction, recording studios, and ensembles rehearsal halls.


Instrumental and vocal ensembles enjoy great popularity, notoriety, and importance both in the life of music majors and non-majors who participate in these stellar offerings. Both flagship ensembles, Concert Choir and Spartan Legion Marching Band, have been staples of the University's existence since the formative years. Ensembles such as the Vocal Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble have broadened dramatically the spectrum of music studied and presented to discerning audiences. Ten additional chamber or instrument-specific ensembles complete this vast assortment of ensembles to explore.

  • Spartan Legion
  • NSU Concert Choir
  • NSU Jazz Band
  • NSU Symphonic Wind Ensemble
  • NSU Jazz Choir
  • NSU Brass Ensemble