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The Mathematics Department assists students of all majors in mastering the quantitative skills necessary for success in their various disciplines. The Department prepares students majoring in mathematics for careers in the mathematical sciences from both a theoretical and an applied viewpoint, providing simultaneous preparation for those who wish to pursue graduate study.

The Department‘s specific goals are summarized as follows:

  • To assist students of all majors in mastering basic mathematical skills, maximizing their problem-solving skills, and acquiring an appreciation for the critical role of quantitative thinking in modern society.
  • To aid students in developing the mathematical and computational skills necessary for use in various quantitative fields such as engineering and the natural sciences, business and economics, and the vocational areas
  • To prepare students for various career opportunities such as mathematicians in the applied sciences.
  • To prepare secondary level mathematics teachers.
  • To help students develop the necessary background for further study at the graduate level.