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Society of Spartan Sisters

Society of Spartan Sisters Learning Community

A First-year Learning Community


The Society of Spartan Sisters (S.S.S.) is a first-year Learning Community (LC) designed for women across all majors. By providing education, mentorship, and access to opportunities for personal and professional growth, students will develop a deeper understanding of gender-based oppressions in society and become empowered. This LC introduces participants to principles rooted in women’s issues and leadership, and nurtures a supportive environment through purposeful coursework, co-curricular activities, and civic engagement.

Society of Spartan Sisters (S.S.S.) Learning Community Goals:

  • Build a caring and connected community among women-identified students to foster a greater sense of belonging.
  • Connect LC students with resources that promote academic success, personal development, and wellness.
  • Create opportunities for students to reflect on past experiences and analyze lessons learned to understand the importance of self-authorship.
  • Provide opportunities for increased student engagement and appreciation of diversity, inclusion, and belonging for LC students.
  • Increase connectedness and interaction among LC students, faculty, and campus support staff.



  • FALL SEM 101 Spartan Seminar
  • SPRING SEM 102 Spartan Seminar 

Contact Information 
Dr. Rachel Vincitore
Learning Communities Program Specialist

Dyonna Wilson