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MENtality Learning Community

First-Year Learning Community 

The MENtality learning community is open to first-year students pursing their undergraduate degree. MENtality provides a residential and supportive environment where students are encouraged to achieve academic excellence and make a positive contribution to their community. This learning community seeks to develop a community of male scholars, leaders, and professionals through self-exploration, identity development, and engagement in social advocacy.

MENtality Learning Community Goals:

  • Foster a sense of belonging within students in the LC.
  • Foster academic success and personal development of first-year male students through the implementation of intentional co-curricular programs and services which support the University’s retention efforts.
  • Provide resources for LC students that assist with wellness and academic support.
  • Foster a sense of belonging and an appreciation for diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice.
  • Develop a strong sense of community amongst students within the LC to help students connect with the University during the first year and to enhance school pride.
  • Prepare students for individual and social responsibility to effect change that promotes civic engagement and social responsibility



  • FALL- ENG 101 College English I           SEM 101 Spartan Seminar
  • SPRING- ENG 102 College English II    SEM 102 Spartan Seminar


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Contact Information

Dyonna Wilson