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Information Assurance is a set of information operations that protect and defend information systems by ensuring confidentiality, integrity, availability, authentication, and non-repudiation. In addition, IA incorporates protection, detection, and reaction capabilities which can be used to restore systems in the event of an attack or compromise.

There is a growing demand for well-educated computer professionals in Information Assurance (IA). Norfolk State University's M.S. degree program in Computer Science is quite unique in that it offers a specialization option in information assurance.

Information Assurance Research and Education Development Institute (IA-REDI), provides opportunities for students to learn about the theory and practice of IA. It has also advanced the discipline of Information Assurance via research, and is rapidly positioning NSU to be a national leader in IA research and education.

With national defense falling back on the home front in physical and information warfare, the citizens of the nation and the Commonwealth not only need security awareness, but know-how, research and educational capability in information assurance. The Information Assurance program will address the nation's growing need for a diverse group of qualified computer and network security professionals.