Faculty and Staff

Engineering Faculty

Dr. Patricia Mead, Professor and Department Chair
Office: MCAR 527  
Email: pmead@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-2697
Area of Research:  Engineering Educational Research, Fiber Optic & Solid State Laser System

Dr. Sacharia Albin, Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator
Office: RTC 410M 
Email: salbin@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-2843
Area of Research: Diamond Thin Films, Photonic-crystal Fibers, Nano Photonics
Dr. M. J. Bahoura, Professor
Office: RTC 410I, MCAR 507
Email: mbahoura@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-2672
Area of Research: Multifunctional Thin Films, High-dielectric Materials, Nano-materials
Dr. Prathap Basappa, Professor
Office: RTC 405  
Email: pbasappa@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-2854
Area of Research: VLSI Design, Power Electronics
Dr. Makarand Deo, Associate Professor
Office: RTC 410G 
Email: mdeo@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-8301
Area of Research: Mathematical Modeling and Computer-aided Simulations, Computational Cardiac Engineering, Biosensor Integration

Dr. Hongzhi Guo, Assistant Professor
Office: RTC 410H
Email: hguo@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-2309
Area of Research: RF/microwave circuits, Bioelectromagnetism, machine learning

Dr. Renny Fernandez, Assistant Professor
Office: RTC 410K
Email: refernandez@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-0036
Area of Research: Microfabrication, MEMS, Microfluidics, Biosensing

Dr. Adem Ibrahim, Professor
Office: RTC 410N, 
Email: ahibrahim@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-2341
Area of Research: Computational Mechanics, Design Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis 
Dr. Michael Kozhevnikov, Associate Professor
Office: MCAR 510C  
Email: mkozhevnikov@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-0055
Area of Research: Fiber Optics, Photonics & Sensors, Virtual Reality & Visualization
Dr. Kevin Santiago, Assistant Professor
Office: RTC 410C 
Email: kcsantiago@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-9185
Area of Research:  Micro/nano fabrication, plasmonic thin films, photonics
Dr. Kyo Song, Professor
Office: RTC 410M  
Email: ksong@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-8105
Area of Research: Electro-optical Devices & Systems, Wireless Power Transmission, Spectroscopy
Dr. Hargsoon Yoon, Professor
Office: RTC 410K  
Email: hyoon@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-0051
Fax: 757-823-2698
Area of Research: Biomedical Nanomaterials, Neural Sensing, Nano-electronic Materials &Devices

Administrative Staff

Ms. Debra A. Brown
Engineering Graduate Program Assistant
Office: RTC Suite 410 
Email: dabrown@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-0017

Optics and Electronics Laboratory Technician Staff

Mr. Christopher M . Witts
Lab Technician
Office: RTC Suite 106 
Email: cmwitts@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-9060

Mr. Douglas Pitts
Lab Technician
Office: RTC Suite 112
Email: dwpitts@nsu.edu  
Phone: 757-823-8040


Dr. Marvin Kim
Cleanroom Manager
Office: MCAR 501D
Email: kmarvin@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-0021