School of Education
Preparing Competent, Compassionate, Collaborative and Committed Leaders

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School of Education
Norfolk State University
700 Park Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23504

School of Education Faculty

Dr. Denise Littleton, Dean
Phone: 823-8701
Email: dlittleton@nsu.edu

Dr. Jerrold Roy, Associate Dean
Phone: 823-8886
Email: jwroy@nsu.edu

Ms. Monika McGhee, Executive Secretary
Phone: 823-8701
Email: mfmcghee@nsu.edu

Ms. Velma Naylor, Administrative & Program Specialist III
Phone: 823-8886
Email: vgnaylor@nsu.edu

Center for Professional Development

Center for Professional Development - Contact Us webpage

Department of Early Childhood / Elementary Education & Special Education

Dr. Jacqueline Johnson, Department Chair
Phone: 823-8841
Email: jjohnson@nsu.edu

Ms. Chikeita Jones, Adminstrative Assistant to the Department Head
Phone: 823-8841
Email: cejones@nsu.edu

Mrs. Catherine Coyle, Administrative Office Specialist ll
Phone: 823-8714
Email: cwcoyle@nsu.edu

Dr. Mona Bryant-Shanklin, Associate Professor
Phone: 823-8280
Email: mmbryant-shanklin@nsu.edu

Dr. Angela McIntosh, Associate Professor
Phone: 823-8705
Email: asmcintosh@nsu.edu

Dr. Leon Rouson, Associate Professor
Phone: 823-2260
Email: lrouson@nsu.edu

Ms. Jacqueline Boone, Assistant Professor
Phone: 823-2124
Email: jcboone@nsu.edu

Dr. Kianga Thomas, Assistant Professor
Phone: 823-9583
Email: krthomas@nsu.edu

Department of Health, Physical Education & Exercise Science

Dr. Delano Tucker, Department Chair
Phone: 823-8703
Email: dtucker@nsu.edu

Ms. Tammy Q. Johnson, Administrative & Office Specialist III
Phone: 823-8703
Email: tqpowell@nsu.edu

Mr. Robeson White
Phone: 823-8477
Email: rjwhite@nsu.edu

Mr. Shaun Anderson
Phone: 823-8477
Email: smanderson@nsu.edu

Dr. Lenora Armstrong, Assistant Professor
Phone: 823-2513
Email: larmstrong@nsu.edu

Dr. Cynthia Burwell, Associate Professor
Phone: 823-9494
Email: cburwell@nsu.edu

Dr. Beatrice Darden-Melton
Phone: 823-8703
Email: bdarden-melton@nsu.edu

Dr. Linda Gagen
Phone: 823-8718
Email: lmgagen@nsu.edu

Dr. Tarin Hampton, Associate Professor
Phone: 823-8071
Email: tthampton@nsu.edu

Dr. Sheila Ward, Professor
Phone: 823-8459
Email: sward@nsu.edu

Dr. Kathleen Thomas
Phone: 823-8652
Email: ksthomas@nsu.edu

Department of Secondary Education & School Leadership

Secondary Education & School Leadership - Contact Us webpage

H. H. Bozeman Integrated Media Resource Center

Dr. Leon Rouson
Department of Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education

Dr. Tarin Hampton
Department of Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science