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Thank you for all that you did for us!  You did more than just present the material, you included us as part of your family! – GRHSML

The GenCyber camp was excellent. – P16.3

I learned about ways to protect data that I can incorporate into my "Girls Who Code" club. – P16.4

Every day was an invigorating learning experience that helped me to learn about different aspects of cybersecurity. This camp excelled at providing relevant and engaging activities for each day of the workshop. – P16.7

This camp gave me tools that I can use in the classroom to explain the concepts. I am not strong in computer usage and will need more time to thoroughly understand things that were taught. I loved having time to work with others to create lesson plans that were content specific so that I can more easily integrate it into my classes...and let me know how easy it is to do so. – P16.8

Facilitators were very personable and knowledgeable. – P16.17

This conference did a wonderful job with letting us collaborate and develop lessons plans to take back and implement in our courses. – P16.18

The pedagogy of the workshop was right on target. The depth and breadth of topics presented were also spot-on. I feel very confident about the material. – P16.20

I loved this workshop. – P17.9

This camp did a great job covering the topics and ways to incorporate them into classes. – P17.21

The experience was wonderful and I thank you for the opportunity and the community that you created! – ML10920