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Suresh Subedi

Dr. Suresh C. Subedi
Assistant Professor of Biology
Office: WSB 200F
Lab: WSB 200E
Office Phone: (757) 823-8612

Brief Biography
Dr. Subedi is a broadly trained plant biologist who engages in research at different biological scales - from organismal to community to ecosystem. He uses an integrative approach combining observational, experimental, and modeling techniques to unravel the short-term responses of plants to environmental changes and to understand over the long-term how environmental changes affect their structure and function.


Detailed CV of Dr. Subedi

Research Interests

  • Microbe and Plant Interactions
  • Climate Change Effects on plants
  • GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Environment Modelling and Future Predictions
  • Solutions to Environmental Change
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Undergraduate research

Courses Taught

  • BIO 261- General Botany
  • BIO 100 - Biological Science

Recent Publications

  • Ross, M. S., Stoffella, S. L., Ruiz, P. L., Subedi, S. C., Meeder, J. F., Sah, J. P., ... & Zhang, K. (2024). Transient vegetation dynamics in a tropical coastal wetland: Sea‐level rise, glycophyte retreat, and incipient loss in plant diversity. Journal of Vegetation Science35(3), e13267.
  • Subedi, S. C., Drake, S., Adhikari, B., & Coggeshall, M. V. (2024). Climate-change habitat shifts for the vulnerable endemic oak species (Quercus arkansana Sarg.). Journal of Forestry Research35(1), 23.

  • Freeman, K., Subedi, S. C., & Ross, M. S. (2024). Coastal dry tropical forests in Florida and the Caribbean in peril: A review. Biotropica56(1), 185-197.
  • Subedi, SC, Boone Ruston, J. Aaron Hogan, Mark V. Coggeshall (2023). Defining the extent of suitable habitat for the endangered Maple-Leaf oak (Quercus acerifolia). Frontiers of Biogeography15(3).
  • Ripu M Kunwar, Khum Thapa Magar, Suresh C Subedi, et al. (2023). Distribution of medicinal plants in Nepal under climate change: Past, Present and Future. Journal of Ecological Indicator, 146, 109879.
  • Bhattarai KR and Subedi SC. (2023). Important Medicinal and Aromatic Plants – Nepal. Book chapter in UNESCO - Encyclopedia Life Support Systems (UNESCO-EOLSS). (