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Supplemental Instruction

supplemental instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a component of Learning Assistance Programs that utilizes peer-assisted study sessions (PASS). SI targets courses with a minimum 25% rate of students that drop, withdraw, or fail and provides a trained peer who has successfully negotiated the course to assist current students. Through this program, a student who received a high grade in a targeted course undergoes SI training and re-attends the course to promote effective student practices and attitudes (e.g., taking complete notes, asking appropriate questions, completing text and outside reading assignments promptly). The SI Leader will schedule and conduct five group meetings a week at times that are convenient to members of the class. During these sessions, the SI Leader will use interactive learning strategies that encourage involvement, comprehension, synthesis, cognitive monitoring, and higher order reasoning skills. In addition, the SI Leader will incorporate demonstrations of effective study techniques and special subject area applications into the sessions. A partnership is formed between the participating faculty, student leader, and the Associate Director of Learning Assistance Programs, who is the SI Leaders’ supervisor.

Faculty can request Supplemental Instructors for their class via the SI Request Form found on the resources page.