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We See Your Future in Sociology.
We see your greatest potential and your motivation to achieve.
Norfolk State University
Department of Sociology Programs

Sociology addresses the most challenging issues of our time. This field offers a range of research techniques that can be applied to virtually any issue: street crime and delinquency, corporate downsizing, the alleviation of poverty and homelessness, welfare or education reform, or problems of peace and war. 

Program Highlights

  • Three academic programs: undergraduate program in Sociology and graduate programs in Criminal Justice and Urban Affairs, ranked among the top 10 programs in the state of Virginia.
  • Studies that include: human social relationships and institutions; crime to religion; family to the state; divisions of race and social class; shared beliefs of a common culture; social stability to social change; cyber security to environmental justice.
  • Professional Partnerships with local and state police departments and federal agencies, local sheriff offices, faith-based institutions, community agencies, group-home facilities, YMCA, homeless shelters and many others.