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Life on Campus

Welcome to the Spartan Residential Experience. Living on campus provides opportunities for students to interact with a diverse group of other students, create life-long friendships, build professional networks, find study groups, get actively involved, and enrich your daily life through immersion in the whole college experience. Other reasons include the following:

  • Studies report that students who live on campus are more successful in their academic studies and report a higher level of collegiate satisfaction.
  • It is a wonderful opportunity to make great friends and form lasting memories.
  • Campus resources, like the library, computer labs, and tutorial services are readily accessible.
  • Campus housing is convenient – everything is within a short walking distance.
  • The price is affordable – students make one payment that covers utilities, internet connection, cable, and local telephone.
  • On-campus security, twenty-four hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, keeps students safe.

With a variety of facilities and amenities, there is something for every student. For more information on our residential communities, please click here .

When preparing for your arrival you may be unsure of what to bring and what to leave at home. With the help of our students, we have come up with a list of Suggested Items to Bring. Take a moment to carefully read this page so you are aware of what is acceptable and what is not.