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Learning Goal and Student Learning Outcomes

Learning Goal

Develop close readers and effective writers, as defined by the AAC&U VALUE Rubrics.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

  1. Students will analyze academic texts and materials by applying “close reading” strategies.
  • Read critically to evaluate a text and recognize its implications.
  • Articulate an understanding of various interpretive reading strategies based on genres and their conventions.
  • Use needed strategies to work through different sorts of texts.
  • Discuss texts in structured ways that contribute to and enhance academic discourse.
  • Connect sources and works with their historical and/or social contexts.
  • Use texts to build knowledge and raise and explore important questions.

  2.  Students will demonstrate effective academic writing through “close reading” strategies.

  • Demonstrate strategic knowledge of the writing process.
  • Compose texts that clearly convey meaning through tone, style, purpose, and genre.
  • Adapt writing knowledge to new contexts, including rhetoric in digital spaces.
  • Incorporate constructive criticism of drafts in the writing process.
  • Demonstrate consideration of context and purpose when writing.
  • Cite sources in a way that is appropriate for the discipline.
  • Master the conventions of Standard American English.