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Undergraduate Practicum in Psychology


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PSY 495/496: Practicum In Psychology is a required course for all undergraduate Psychology majors. Intended for students in their senior year, the course provides direct experience in an applied-supervised setting. Training sites often include mental health-related agencies, classroom settings, career counseling environments, working with disability or medical administrative department, or with faculty on research or educational/ therapeutic programming. Prerequisites include a C or better in PSY210, 211, 270,  360, 392 and majoring in Psychology.  Exceptions may be approved by the Undergraduate Psychology Practicum Coordinator (PC) on a case-by-case basis.  PSY495 is required for the Psychology major; PSY496 is optional. 

Students are required to obtain a practicum on their own, although resources are available. Requirements for course completion include 128 practicum hours completed at a site, and weekly course assignments (in an online course). Students are highly encouraged to secure their placements in conjunction with PSY392.  

General Information

PSY495 Course Documents

Practicum for the Psychology Undergrad: PSY495 Textbook

PSY495-496 Textbook


  • Practicum Contract ( PDF | WORD )
  • Practicum Time-Sheet ( PDF |  EXCEL | WORD )
  • Practicum Evaluation of the Student--for site supervisors  ( PDF | WORD )
  • Student Evaluation of the Training Site--for students  ( PDF | WORD )
  • Practicum Dispute Resolution Guidance ( PDF )

Criteria for an "I" (Incomplete) Grade

You will NOT be granted an "I" (Incomplete) if you cannot obtain a practicum site. The PC and the NSU Psychology Department will offer all guidance and resources possible, but it is ultimately the student's responsibility to follow-through. You may not be able to obtain a placement at your preferred site, but that does not mean that there are no sites available! If you are having trouble finding a site and believe you might request an Incomplete, then you should keep track of every one of your contacts in your search for a practicum. Some sites require the completion of a background check which can sometimes take 2-3 months. Plan your practicum search early to avoid delays. Interviewing before the semester begins is a good strategy!

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