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soloist singing with choir

Since 1945, when Harry Savage organized the first choir, to present day, NSU Choirs has offered a place for talented student vocalists of all majors to express themselves, nurture their talents and represent the entire University through the highest levels of performace artistry.  

NSU Choirs currently consists of the NSU Concert Choir, The NSU Vocal Jazz Ensemble and the Voices of Inspiration Gospel Choir.  

The NSU Concert is an auditioned group offered for academic credit to students of all majors.  This ensemble rehearses each day and performs regularly, in and out-of-state, throughout the academic year.  Membership is open to all students, pending a vocal audition. The NSU Concert Choir is under the direction of Dr. Harlan Zackery, Jr., Director of Choral Activities, and Mr. Terry Butler, Assistant Director of Choral Activities.  

As its name suggests, the NSU Vocal Jazz Ensemble specializes in jazz literature for a smaller group of singers.  Directed by Mr. Frank Elliott, this ensemble is offered for course credit and is currently unauditioned.  Students of any major may participate.  

The Voices of Inspiration Gospel Choir, under the direction of Mr. Patrick Riddick, is open to all NSU students, by audition.  This ensemble is offered as a student organization and is not yet offered for academic credit.  

For more information about any of the ensembles above, or to schedule an audition, please contact, Ms. India Pretlow, Administrative and Production Specialist for NSU Choirs, at