General Requirements

Application Deadline

NSU's Priority Application Deadline for the fall semester is May 31 for Undergraduate Admission.

Application Criteria

The Admissions Philosophy of Norfolk State University is to select students that may benefit from its program offerings, faculty, rich campus environment, and available support services.

NSU seeks students that will take advantage of the opportunity to engage in a transformational experience that can increase their ability to maximize their potential, and foster a passion for lifelong learning that will equip them to be engaged leaders and productive global citizens.


NSU’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions evaluates applicants based on their individual potential for successful graduation at NSU. Several key factors are taken into consideration:

  • prior academic performance
  • SAT and/or ACT test score(s)
  • special talents
  • demonstrated leadership
  • individual motivation and character
  • recommendation letters

The Office of Admissions is authorized to review, accept, defer, or deny applicants based on this evaluation of a student’s application. NSU does not discriminate based on ethnicity, race, gender, age, disability or religious beliefs.

SAT & ACT Scores

All applicants under the age of 21 must submit Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) scores or American College Testing (ACT) scores.

Applicants over the age of 21 are exempt from submitting SAT and ACT scores.

Required Units Completed

The applicant should have completed a minimum total of 22 units distributed as follows:

Mathematics *3
History and Social Sciences3
Health and Physical Education2
Fine Arts or Practical Arts1

* Algebra l, Geometry, Algebra ll recommended

High School Equivalency Diploma

Students with a high school equivalency diploma will be considered upon the successful completion of the General Education Development (GED) test with a minimum score of 530. GED graduates may be subject to the requirements outlined above. The University is interested in the quality of the applicant’s academic preparation and indicators of overall promise as a student.

Letters of Recommendation

The applicant must submit a two letters of recommendation.

Procedure for Requesting IB and AP Credit

Step One: Student must request official International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement examination scores be sent directly to Norfolk State University, Office of Admissions.

Step Two: The Office of Admissions will evaluate the IB and AP transcript scores.

Step Three: The Office of Admissions will generate the Certificate of Advanced Standing (CAS) that will be sent to the student and the selected academic department within six weeks of receipt.

The IB and AP policy may be found on the NSU Policies website.

Declaring a Major

Norfolk State University offers students who are unsure of a major, an opportunity to explore various academic programs and careers through a General Education track in the Department of History and Interdisciplinary Studies. The Interdisciplinary General Education (BS.INT.GEN) track allows students an opportunity to take transferable general education classes while researching degree granting majors.

Through intensive academic advisement by Spartan Success Center Advisors and the Interdisciplinary Studies faculty, students will declare a degree granting major prior to completing 30 credit hours.