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Chemistry Pre-Medicine

We See Your Future in Chemistry
Explore the fascinating world of chemistry with a B.S. Degree.
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (BS.CHM)

The B.S. Chemistry degree prepares you for a career in industry and graduate school in chemistry or related disciplines. The Chemistry Department offers several chemistry based curricula choices leading to a B.S. degree in Chemistry: Chemistry, Chemistry with an emphasis in Pre-Medicine (not a degree in Pre-Medicine), and the dual degree B.S. in Chemistry-M.S. in Materials Science curriculum.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Pre- Med, DNIMAS program (BS.CHM.PM.DNIMAS)

All B.S. Chemistry programs provide you with a strong background in chemical knowledge, analytical and laboratory skills, oral and written communication development, and experiences working independently or in a team.

Pre-Med DNIMAS offers a rigorous and demanding B.S. Chemistry/Pre-Med program to students who qualify.

Plans of Study

Plans of Study
  First Year
  Course   Course Title Hours
  APS 110   Applied Sciences Seminar 0
  APS 111   Applied Sciences Seminar 0
  CHM 223A/221L*   General Chemistry I & Lab 5
  CHM 224A/222L   General Chemistry II & Lab 5
  CSC 170   Computer Programming 3
  CSC 170L   Computer Programming Lab 1
  ENG 101H   College English I 3
  ENG 102H   College English II 3
  HED 100   Personal and Community Health 2
  MTH 184H   Calculus I 4
  MTH 251H   Calculus II 4
  PED 100   Fundamentals of Fitness for Life 1
  SEM 101   Spartan Seminar 101 1
  SEM 102   Spartan Seminar 102 1
  Total Hours Required 33
  Second Year
  Course   Course Title Hours
  APS 210   Applied Sciences Seminar 0
  APS 211   Applied Sciences Seminar 0
  CHM 321   Organic Chemistry I 3
  CHM 321L   Organic Chemistry I Lab 2
  CHM 322   Organic Chemistry II 3
  CHM 322L   Organic Chemistry II Lab 2
  CHM 331   Analytical Chemistry I 3
  CHM 331L   Analytical Chemistry I Lab 2
  MTH 252   Calculus III 4
  PHY 160   University Physics I 4
  PHY 160L   University Physics I Lab 1
  PHY 161   University Physics II 4
  PHY 161L   University Physics II Lab 1
  ENG 285H   Public Speaking 3
  SEM 201   Spartan Seminar 201 1
  Total Hours Required 33
  Third Year
  Course   Course Title Hours
  APS 310   Applied Sciences Seminar 0
  APS 311   Applied Sciences Seminar 0
  Bio 3XX   Restricted Biology Elective
BIO (3XX or Higher)
  BIO 110H/BIO 110L   General Biology & Lab 4
  CHM 332   Analytical Chemistry II 3
  CHM 332L   Analytical Chemistry II Lab 2
  CHM 345   Math Methods and Logic 3
  CHM 451/452   Seminar and CHM 452 2
  CHM 361   Physical Chemistry I 3
  CHM 362   Physical Chemistry II Lab 3
  CHM 363L   Physical Chemistry Lab 2
  CHM 497/498   Research and CHM 498 2
  CHM 473   Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 3
  Total Hours Required 30
  Fourth Year
  Course   Course Title Hours
  APS 410   Applied Sciences Seminar 0
  APS 411   Applied Sciences Seminar 0
  BIO XXX   Restricted Biology Electives 4
  ENG 203/ENG 303   Advanced Communication Skills 3
  XXX XXX   Social Science or HIS from the Core 3
  XXX XXX   Humanities & Cultural Elective from the Core 6
  CHM 431/CHM 431L   Biochemistry I  & Lab 5
  CHM 432/CHM 432L   Biochemistry II & Lab 5
  Total Hours Required 26
  *Select 6 hours from: CHM 397, 398, 473L, 431L, 432,432L, 475, 481, 497, 498
 (Maximum of 1 elective hour of research)
  Summary of Graduation Requirements
  Subject Areas Hours
  General Education Core 31
  Major Requirements 58
  Electives 7
  Other Requirements 26
  Total Hours Required 122