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Center for Teaching and Learning


The Center for Teaching and Learning supports the various roles of a faculty member at NSU--teacher, scholar/researcher, advisor, mentor, and member of the University community. As articulated in the Building a Legacy of Excellence 2012-2018 Strategic Plan, this unit supports and promotes excellence in teaching, scholarship, research, and service. Thus, the Office employs the following key strategies as it develops the infrastructure for a comprehensive faculty development program at NSU:

  •     Orienting new faculty and administrators (at the departmental chair level) to the university through mentoring and activities on leadership
  •     Enhancing teaching techniques and use of technology through seminars, workshops, on-demand tutorials, and conferences on teaching and learning
  •     Enhancing research skills and techniques by providing resources for faculty to attend workshops, seminars, and conferences and to apply for release time and summer grants
  •     Promoting interdisciplinary activities and research collaboration, and
  •     Providing training opportunities for leadership responsibilities and funding for graduate coursework in area of specialization and terminal degree attainment.