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How to be a Good Laundry Citizen

The Do’s and Don’ts of Shared Laundry Room

It’s always important to be a good neighbor, and that applies to sharing a community laundry room too. Here are some tips to ensure an enjoyable laundry experience for everyone.

  • Don’t forget to remove your laundry quickly – emptying machines helps others get started, and helps you avoid having your laundry handled by others.
  • Do leave the laundry room the way you’d like to find it on your next visit. Make sure to clean out the lint trap, throw away trash, and wipe down the washer if needed.
  • Don’t assume a broken machine has been reported.
    • Students experiencing problems with laundry should contact a staff member, RL or RA on duty. Be sure to include the location, machine number and description of the problem.
  • Do drop laundry pods into the washer with your clothes – not the detergent drawer. Otherwise, the degradable wrap doesn’t fully dissolve and can clog the detergent drawer for others.

Looking for some additional laundry tips?

Visit to view short step by step videos and other resources on how to make laundry easy.

Laundry FAQ's

Washing machines and dryers are located on designated floors of each residence hall. Laundry equipment is also available in Spartan Station on the East end of campus.

Do I have to pay for laundry?

Laundry costs are included in students’ fees. Students have the option to “opt out” of this program. Students who opt out of laundry services will not be able to use any of the laundry facilities on campus.

How do I wash my clothes?

  • Add detergent or simply toss in a laundry pod. Use only two tablespoons of high efficiency (HE) detergent or one laundry pod. Do not use powder detergent in the machines.
  • Load washer, leaving about five inches of space at the top.
  • Select your cycle.
  • Swipe your SpartanCard at the reader and select the machine you are using to start.

How do I dry my clothes?

  • Don’t overstuff the dryer - Clothes dry best when they have enough space to tumble, so overloading the dryer makes loads take longer and use more energy.
  • Pay attention to the settings - Different fabrics dry best at different temperatures and tumble speeds, so take time to learn the settings on your machine to preserve the life of your clothing
  • Take clothes out immediately when the cycle ends - If you let clothes sit in the dryer for a long time after the cycle ends, they will develop wrinkles and static
  • Shake out wet clothes -This helps reduce wrinkling and allows items to dry faster
  • Dryer sheets help reduce static -Dryer sheets are a great way to get softer, better-smelling clothes, in addition to eliminating static cling
  • Separate lightweight and heavyweight clothing items -Ensure that the load dries at the same time by grouping items by weight, to save you from running items from one load for multiple cycles.
  • Clean out the lint trap - Lint clogs can also negatively alter drying time and get stuck on clothes.

How should I clean my tennis shoes in the washer?

  • Remove laces and insoles to wash separately – It is recommended to wash the insoles by hand by using a soft brush and soapy water. Shoelaces can either be washed by hand or placed into a garment bag, so they don’t become tangled or potentially damage the machine.
  • Remove any excess dirt or other material from your shoes including the soles. You can use a toothbrush or any soft brush to remove excess dirt or scuff marks before placing your shoes in the washer.
  • Place your shoes in a closed garment bag – It is recommended to place the shoes in a pillowcase or mesh wash bag to help balance the machine while the drum is spinning.
  • Wash on the ‘delicate’ washer setting with cold water and select a ‘no-spin’ option if available. Be sure to use liquid detergent or laundry pods rather than powder detergent if possible.
  • Remove your shoes and allow them to air dry overnight or until they are completely dry. Do not put your shoes in the dryer.

What do I do if my clothes are stuck in the machine?

  • Contact the RA, RL or staff member on duty, who will unplug the machine. Wait for about 3 minutes before re-plugging in the machine.
  • Press and hold the door for 30-45 seconds and check to see if the door opens.
  • If process was unsuccessful, please submit a service request to

How do I report a broken machine?

Students experiencing problems with the laundry equipment should contact the staff member or RA on duty. You will need the machine plate number located on the front of the machine to report the machine out of order.