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Norfolk State University
Allied Health Programs

Allied Health offers a Master of Healthcare Administration; Bachelor of Science degree in Health Services Management; a Certificate of Completion in Health Services Management; a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management with a Food Science and Nutrition Concentration (FSN).

Certificate of Health Services Management
The Certificate program is an outgrowth of the Norfolk State University Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Services Management. It comprises of 13 credits.

B.S. Medical Technology (MDT)
Is currently in an inactive Status.  Due to this we are not accepting new students at this time.


Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management

 The Health Services Management Program is designed to prepare individuals to enter the administrative side of the health care field as entry-level managers. It is organized around a core of lower level general education courses, a core of business management  taken in the intermediate years, and further generic orientation to the unique managerial processes in the health services indusry in the form of an internship and on the job experiential learning in the last year.

The program is offered fully online.

  • HSM Food Science Nutrition Concentration
    The mission of the Food Science and Nutrition (FSN) Concentration is aligned with the mission of the University.  Offering a supportive academic and culturally diverse environment, the Food Science and Nutrition Concentration prepares students for supervised practice leading to eligibility for a verification statement and for the Commission for Dietetics Registration (CDR) credentialing exam to become a registered dietitian nutritionist.
  • Health Services Management Internship
    The internship course was developed to provide training for Health Services Management senior students and to enrich their academic experiences. The course is a planned and supervised learning experience gained through direct observation and actual practice of administrative responsibilities and processes in a selected health care organization.  

Master of Healthcare Administration - Online
The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) Online is designed to educate students to plan, direct, and coordinate the delivery of medical and health services.  The program will prepare students to enter the workforce as healthcare administrators in a cadre of healthcare facilities throughout Virginia and the nation.