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Health Services Management Internship

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Norfolk State University
Bachelor of Health Services Management

Health Services Management 494 Internship

The internship course was developed to provide training for Health Services Management senior students and to enrich their academic experiences.  The course is a planned and supervised learning experience gained through direct observation and actual practice of administrative responsibilities and processes in a selected health care organization.  

Students will complete their internship with an assigned preceptor through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the health care organization and the University, as well as a clear line of communication between the faculty advisor and the preceptor. 

The following goals should be accomplished: 

  1. Students will gain knowledge, skills and abilities which are not available in the classroom but helpful for training in the field of health services management.
  2. Students will apply what they have learned from their undergraduate health services management program while making a contribution to the health care organization.
  3. Students will develop a sense of professional responsibility while enhancing their growth and building their confidence.

Note the following guidelines:

Students must not perform patient care during the internship experience.

All students must take HSM 494-Health Services Management Internship. The program does not permit job experiences to substitute for HSM 494.