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Allied Health

Norfolk State University

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Allied Health Programs will offer VIRTUAL appointments for students' Q&A as an alternative to face-to-face contact. Allied Health students should contact their advisors by email to make a virtual appointment.  Face-to-face services will only be available for students that have a matter that cannot be resolved virtually.

Dr. Marie St. Rose, Director of Allied Health

(757) 823-2480


We offer a Master's degree, a Bachelor of Science Degree, a Certificate, and Concentration in Health Services Management. The Concentration is available for students who are enrolled in Interdisciplinary Studies and are supervised and guided by their faculty advisors.  Also, available is a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Services Management with a Food Science and Nutrition Concentration.  This Concentration is available for students interested in pursuing dietetics and possibly becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).

The faculty will be working diligently to foster critical thinking and problem solving skills so that all students will excel in the classroom and in the work setting through a HSM internship at an approved health care facility, leading to a career in health services.  - Learn more