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Students will complete 36 semester hours of course work and pass a comprehensive examination or write a thesis. The six core courses common to both concentrations establish a foundation for specialization. Each specialized concentration requires six additional courses.

Core Courses (Required 15 semester hours)
CJS 610 Theories of Crime and Delinquency
CJS 644 Research Methods in Criminal Justice
CJS 645 Quantitative Analysis in Criminal Justice
CJS 650 Criminal Justice Policy Analysis
CJS 651 Criminal Justice Ethics

Management and Planning (Required 9 semester hours)
The Criminal Justice Management and Planning Concentration is intended for, but not limited to, person whose career goals include administration of criminal justice program.
CJS 611 Administration of Criminal Justice Organizations
CJS 612 Strategic Planning for Criminal Justice
CJS 618 Legal issues in Criminal Justice Management

Juvenile Justice (Required 9 semester hours)
The Juvenile Justice Concentration provides the theoretical and technical knowledge needed to improve the lives of youth who have been or are at risk of becoming involved in the juvenile justice system.
CJS 672 Policing and Adjudicating Juveniles
CJS 674 Juvenile Corrections and Treatment
CJS 676 Juvenile Delinquency and the Justice System

Elective Courses (12 semester hours)
CJS 510 Crime Prevention
CJS 571 Youth Crime and the School
CJS 575 Legal Aspects of Juvenile Justice
CJS 590 Criminal Justice Readings
CJS 592 Criminal Justice Special Topics
CJS 601 Systems of Criminal Justice
CJS 607 Minorities in Criminal Justice
CJS 613 Community Policing
CJS 614 Jails and Prisons
CJS 615 Community Corrections
CJS 616 Restorative Justice
CJS 617 Offender Reentry Programs
CJS 646 Computer Applications in Criminal Justice
CJS 660 Crime Victims and Victim Services
CJS 665 Criminal Justice Internship
CJS 670 History/Philosophy of Juvenile Justice
CJS 678 Juvenile Offenders and Youth Gangs
CJS 680 Status Offenders and the Community
CJS 681 Youth and Society
CJS 688 Family Based Intervention
CJS 689 Gender, Crime, and Justice
CJS 690 Independent Study in Criminal Justice 
CJS 699 Thesis
CJS 750 Continuing Registration
TOTAL 36 Credit Hours

Approved by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
Effective Spring 2007