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Board of Visitors

ANNOUNCEMENT - Proposed Tuition, Fees, Room and Board 4-4-18


Norfolk State University was established by §§ 23-174.1 through 23-174.7 of the Code of Virginia (Ann. 1950) as a corporation under the name of the Board of Visitors of Norfolk State University. The University is under the control of the Virginia General Assembly at all times.

The Board of Visitors consists of 13 members appointed by the Governor for terms of four years subject to confirmation by the Virginia General Assembly. Of the persons appointed, four are alumni of the University--three of whom may be nonresidents of the Commonwealth. Board members are eligible for reappointment for an additional term.  

The Board is governed by a set of By Laws, which articulates the Board's role and responsibilities.

Mission of the University

Norfolk State University, a comprehensive urban public institution, is committed to transforming students’ lives through exemplary teaching, research and service. Offering a supportive academic and culturally diverse environment for all, the University empowers its students to turn their aspirations into reality and achieve their full potential as well rounded, resourceful citizens and leaders for the 21st century. 

Vision Statement

Norfolk State University will be recognized nationally as a premier public institution with outstanding signature academic programs, innovative research, and community engagement opportunities.