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Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work

Welcome to the Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work website!

For more than 60 years, social work education has been an integral part of Norfolk State University and the surrounding communities. Our School of Social Work has a rich legacy, which started in 1960 by our illustrious first Dean, Dr. Ethelyn R. Strong. Dr. Strong’s practice with children, youth, and families was the impetus for educating highly competent social work practitioners who could meet the social, economic, and racial challenges faced by marginalized groups.

Through our history, and even today, our mission continues to be rooted in ethics, empowerment, social justice, social responsibility, human rights, diversity, equity, and inclusion of ALL people living in the state of Virginia and globally. Our mission is well integrated in our academic programs as well as in the work that students, faculty, and staff undertake within communities. With that being said, we clearly understand the assignment of what we have been charged to do as social workers!

Please take time and explore our website and social media pages. You will be amazed by the phenomenal scholarly work, community involvement, and impressive leadership abilities of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff in the Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work.

We are spartan strong!

Isiah Marshall Jr.
Dean and Professor of Social Work
Isiah Marshall Jr.
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Social Work Programs


The School of Social Work is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education which accredits programs at the BSW and MSW levels. The objectives of the BSW and MSW program align with the nine CSWE Social Work competencies as outlined in the 2022 EPAS (Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards): Read more