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Social-Science research--brain image with gears

The Psychology Department at Norfolk State University actively engages in psychological research and programmatic initiatives with the intent of advancing social science research specifically in conjunction with the diverse backgrounds that NSU represent in our study body and local community. 


Below are links to our current research studies for whom we need volunteers to complete survey studies.

1. Social Media usage (survey, 20 minutes)
2. Masculinity ideology & emotional intimacy (survey, 60 minutes)

Other research is at various stages of completion, so check back often as new studies are added here regularly! The list below is a sampling of what our faculty are currently interested in and working on:

Dr. Debb
Cyberpsych (active studies on information security awareness and personality; online self-presentation; social media engagement/ investment)

Dr. Floyd
Marijuana use and mental health among college students.

Dr. Franklin
The role of religion in immigrants' lives and how it influences their integration; Exploring the role of religion in shaping educational, civic, and political outcomes in Germany.

Dr. Gadsden
Masculinity, ideology, attachment styles, and emotional intimacy capacity with AA adult males; Juniors and Seniors

Dr. Holmes
The internal and external factors that inhibit students from seeking assistance with rigorous courses like statistics

Dr. Russell
Current research projects that are available to students are focused on 1) mental health stigma and help-seeking among HBCU student populations and 2) studies related to Black women including one focused on exploring the experiences of Black women student leaders (across two institutional types in the same cities) and another focused on Black women and Hip Hop.