Campus Services

Campus Tours

Attend the Norfolk State University Open House

Campus tours are hosted by the NSU Student Ambassadors. A visit to campus will include an information session and a walking campus tour. Tours are available throughout the year except for holidays, student registration, midterm exams, final exams and university breaks. Campus Tour Information


For additional information, contact the Director of Housing. (757-823-8407/8832)

Residence halls for men and women are located on the campus. Rooms are furnished with beds, closets, desks and chairs. The dining halls, which are convenient to residence halls, provide meals for students living on campus.The University also has an Off-Campus Housing referral listing to aid students in finding privately owned accommodations. Every effort is made to house all transfer students desiring housing. Learn more

Financial Aid

Applications and additional information may be obtained at the Office of Student Financial Aid in the Student Service Center.

The purpose of the Norfolk State University Financial Aid Program is to provide assistance to qualified students who without such aid would be unable to attend. Aid is awarded on the basis of need as determined through the College Scholarship Service (CSS) and Pell Grant Analysis. Types of aid include scholarships, grants, loans and employment. Learn more

Academic Advisement

NSU Student Success Center

Every student enrolled at the University is assigned an advisor in the academic department in which the student has declared a major. The advisor will assist the student in planning his/her course load, scheduling of classes, identifying resource persons, and other materials related to personal growth and development. Learn more

Counseling Services

The Counseling Center Office is located in room 309 of the University Center.

The Counseling Center offers direct assistance to persons who are interested in broadening their knowledge about themselves, their feelings, and/or their relationships. It provides counseling for personal adjustment, social development, and educational/careerplanning. The Center offers services on a confidential basis at no charge to students, faculty, or staff. The Center maintains a mini library of self-help literature, filmstrips, and cassette tapes that deal with topics on mental health, study habits, and career choice. Student growth seminars also are held on a periodic basis. Learn more

Career Placement Services

The Placement Office is located in room 306 of the University Center.

The Office of Career Placement Services provides students and alumni with assistance in exploring careers, making career decisions, testing career choices and securing suitable employment through career counseling, career information, experiential learning, and job placement. Learn more

Veterans Affairs

The Office of Veterans Affairs is located in room 320 University Center.

The Office of Veterans Affairs acts as a focal point for assisting veterans, reservists, and active duty personnel of the armed services, and eligible dependents. The Office provides admissions, registration, personal, family and career counseling information. Veterans are expected to pay all tuition and fees according to the University payment schedule. Tuition assistance and other services are available. Learn more

Student Health Services

For additional information, please call (757) 823-8222.

Student Health Services are provided by Campus Health Services, which is located in the Spartan Station. The basic health services provided under the student health program include diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries. The cost for health care is paid by the University for students enrolled full time. Any cost that exceeds the health care plan must be paid by the student or private insurance. Learn more

Student Life

The Student Activities Office is located in the University Center

Norfolk State University encourages students to express their talents and interests through student government, student publications, and academic, social, cultural, religious, and athletic organizations. Approximately 100 student organizations on campus span a broad range of interests including political, forensic, dramatic, musical, journalistic, scientific, recreational, business, social, religious, and fellowship. The Student Activities Office maintains a list of names and phone numbers of contact persons for student organizations. Learn more

Transfer Orientation

Admitted transfer students are invited to attend the University orientation program prior to enrollment. This one day program offered during the summer and fall introduces the student to the campus and allows for pre-registration to the University.